The Annual Raiding of the Archives


If you’ve been visiting Winnipeg Love Hate for a while, you might have noticed what has become an annual winter tradition—a raiding of the archives. I seem to find it harder and harder to get out shooting in the winter months, which leaves me short on material to post on Winnipeg Love Hate. When this happens, I reach for one of my many hard drives full of original RAW files, to see if there’s anything worth re-visiting.

This has been a particularly difficult winter as far as shooting goes. For one thing, I’ve got a 6-month old daughter at home (this is most definitely not a complaint—she is an absolute joy). Also, my camera and primary lens sustained a massive amount of damage (which tends to happen when you drop things) a few months ago, and I was without the lens for just under three months. Most of the shooting I’ve done this winter was with my secondary camera—the very capable Sony RX100.

All of the shots here are from 2009. Most of them are previously unedited, whereas a few of them are new edits of previously edited and posted shots. More goodies from the archives to come over the next couple of days.

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