Winnipeg Snowpocalypse


Some of you might have noticed that my recent photos look a bit different from my older ones. These recent photos were all shot with my backup camera—a Sony RX100—as my regular camera (Pentax K5) was in the shop being repaired for almost two months. The RX100 is a little miracle worker. Amazing image quality, great colour rendering, and incredible detail in low-light situations. The best part: It’s literally a pocket camera that will fit inside almost any jacket pocket, or even a jeans pocket. These days I pretty much bring the RX100 with me everywhere I go. I’d been waiting years for a camera with this kind of mage quality and portability. Amazing little camera.

These photos were taken in early April—tail end of the Neverendingwinter. From the top: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (expected opening, 2014); a shot of the skyline from off Westbrook Avenue; The Buhler Welcome Center (The Forks); and the Inn at The Forks.

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