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Rae & Jerry's

Portage Avenue. I freely admit that for several years I was victim to the HDR bug. I used it constantly—for almost every shot. And although I think I’m pretty good at HDR (high dynamic range for the uninitiated), and acknowledge that It was largely HDR that led to the popularity of this website, I started to realize at some point that it was dominating (if not ruining) my photography.

And so slowly, I’ve been moving away from it. I think I always managed to steer clear of the blinding, seizure-inducing HDR that you often see on photo sites like Flickr, but looking back, it seems to me that a handful of my older HDR-processed images are just too much (over-cooked, as they say).

I haven’t abandoned HDR, but I use it much less these days. And when I have extra time, I dig through the archives looking for those over-cooked images to re-process. Here’s the original HDR-processed version of this photo. You be the judge.

Original HDR image

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