Welcome To The Manitoba Museum

Welcome To The Manitoba Museum
Manitoba Museum, Main Street (built 1973). Even if it’s been 15 years since you visited The Manitoba Museum (formerly the Museum of Man and Nature) you probably remember this slightly terrifying introductory diorama. An odd way to start a museum tour, the diorama practically screams out to first-time visitors “Danger! You’re in for a bumpy ride.”

Sometimes educational, and always entertaining, the Manitoba Museum is a pretty great way to spend a rainy afternoon. The kitsch factor is huge, as is the nostalgia factor for anyone who visited the place on a grade 3 field trip.

As much as I’d hate to see the place change, it really does need a makeover; when The Human Rights Museum opens in a few years, visitors are going to be looking for other things to do, and they’ll probably be heading to the The Manitoba Museum. And like so many other things in Winnipeg, we can do so much better. Much, much better.

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