Laura Secord School

Laura Secord School
Wolseley Avenue (built 1912).

Hi everybody. I’m back from my blogging hiatus, and will be returning to my regular posting schedule (ie, every weekday). I hope everyone out there has been having a great summer.

Today, I bring you a few examples of a photography technique I discovered a few months ago on Flickr: Through the Viewfinder (TtV) Photography. Basically, it involves pointing a modern day camera lens at the viewfinder of an antique twin lens camera, such as the Kodak Duaflex. The results can be really gritty, with unpredictable focus, and the dust and grime of a decades-old camera. It’s a nice reprieve from the ultra-slickness of fancy-shmancy DSLR cameras. These shots were my first attempts, from way back in May. Expect to see more in the future.

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