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Foggin’ Glasses

It’s the new year, and I’ve decided to get something off my chest. I could go on and on right about now, making excuses for myself, but I won’t. No beating around the bush. Not here. Not now. Right to the point.

That ridiculous face on the Foggin’ Glasses billboard that many of you have seen plastered around the city for the last couple of winters? Well that face is mine.

I’m not proud. And I won’t bore you with the details as to how my face ended up on this billboard. I simply ask this of you: Please don’t hate me.

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  • Well, it could be worse. The billboard could actually be right in the middle of that industrial wasteland in the background!ReplyCancel

  • I knew it! I foggin’ well knew it!

    No worries. Free modeling services is a standard in our industry.ReplyCancel

  • CMoz

    Wow!!! brave of you to own up. ūüôāReplyCancel

  • Don’t feel bad. When I was five, I auditioned for a Terry Balkan Chev-Olds commercial: “Youuuu Betcha!”.

    The words haunt me to this day.ReplyCancel

  • Ha! I just saw you on the Pembina billboard and thought “I know who that is!”

    Great blog BTW Bryan. Some absolutely tremendous pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Sande

    Your photos are amazing. But this, can I really forgive you for blighting the landscape in such a way??? Alright, take a pic of my house in Wolseley, and consider all forgiven. (love, love, love the photos)ReplyCancel

  • Per

    hey man you should be up are the window on the/my Peg… ūüėČReplyCancel

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