Deer Lodge Centre

Deer Lodge Centre
Portage Avenue (1989). One of my favorites in the city. Why is it that in 1989, The Deer Lodge Centre (“an operating division of the WRHA”) could build such a beautiful, sexy, slick building, whereas in 2008, not one but two clusterfucked projects courtesy of the WRHA are currently nearing completion?Take a walk or a drive down Portage Avenue to Broadway and feast your eyes on the building that’s nearing completion on that spot–one of the most unimaginably bland, flat, two-dimensional pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen.

Meanwhile, the massive concrete nightmare of a parking lot that’s going up at the WRHA’s Main & Logan site is beyond comprehension and just plain embarrassing. It’s a fuck you to the neighborhood. It’s a fuck you to Main Street. It’s a fuck you to Winnipeg.

Portage Avenue. Main Street. Arguably Winnipeg’s two most important streets. There ought to be a law. Really, there ought to be a law.


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