Winnipeg City Hall

Winnipeg City Hall

Main Street (1965).

Here’s an idea: rebuild Old City Hall (the second city hall, that is, built in 1886).

That’s right. When the current City Hall reaches the end of its life, the city should replace it with a replica of the much loved, and much missed Old City Hall.

I’m usually not into this sort of thing; moving forward architecturally is usually the way to go. But it’s a different story with City Hall. Sure it was crumbling and ready to fall down on its own, but tearing down what very well might be the most beautiful building the city has every known is perhaps be the biggest bonehead move the city has ever made. Replacing it with its current incarnation is perhaps the second biggest. Is there a worse building in Winnipeg than City Hall?

Rebuilding Old City Hall would be a huge morale booster, it would be great for tourism, and it would go a long way in terms of healing Main Street, which for all intents and purposes is seriously wounded right now.

Here are some pictures of Old City Hall, courtesy of the U of M’s Winnipeg Building Index:

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