And Now For Something Completely Different

Besides photography, another unhealthy obsession of mine is the Winnipeg Jets. No, it has nothing to do with an inability to let go. It’s really more about preserving memories, and despire the Jets’ lousy overall record and playoff performance, most of the memories are good ones.

I’ve been slowly scanning my collection over the years. It’s tedious work, so it’s taking a hell of a long time. Here are thumbnails of everything I’ve scanned thus far. Click for larger versions.

72/73 OPC Norm Beaudin72/73 OPC Bob Woytowich72/73 OPC Chris Bordeleau72/73 OPC Wally Boyer74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- 7up Ad74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Bobby Hull74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- CJOB Ad74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Cover74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Eaton's Ad74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Europeans74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Front Office74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Lineup74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Labatt's Ad74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Mayor's Letter74/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Pepsi Ad1974/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Thrifty's Ad1974/75 Winnipeg Jets Program -- Reed Shaw Stenhouse Ad74/75 OPC Heikki Riihiranta74/75 OPC Joe Daley74/75 OPC Anders Hedberg74/75 OPC Lars Erik Sjoberg74/75 OPC Norm Beaudin74/75 OPC Ulf Nilsson75-76 OPC Heikki Riihiranta75-76 OPC Lars-Erik Sjoberg75-76 OPC Veli Pekka Ketola75-76 OPC Ulf Nilsson75-76 OPC Anders Hedberg75-76 OPC Bobby Hull75-76 OPC Joe Daley75-76 OPC Perry Miller75-76 OPC Ted Green75-76 OPC Thommie Bergman76-77 OPC Barry Long76-77 OPC Bobby Hull76-77 OPC Peter Sullivan76-77 OPC Anders Hedberg76-77 OPC Bill Lesuk76-77 OPC Hexi Riihiranta76-77 OPC Hull Nilsson76-77 OPC Lars_Erik Sjoberg77-78 OPC Gary Bromley77-78 OPC Lyle Moffat77-78 OPC Peter Sullivan77-78 OPC Anders Hedberg77-78 OPC Bobby Hull77-78 OPC Lars-Erik Sjoberg77-78 OPC Ulf Nilsson77-78 OPC Willy Lindstrom79-80 OPC  Jets Team79-80 OPC Bill Lesuk79-80 OPC Bobby Hull79-80 OPC Gary Smith79-80 OPC Gord Smith79-80 OPC Hillard Graves79-80 OPC Lars-Erik Sjoberg79-80 OPC Lyle Moffat79-80 OPC Mark Heaslip79-80 OPC Mike Amodeo79-80 OPC Peter Marsh79-80 OPC Willy Lindstrom79-80 OPC Barry Melrose79-80 OPC Bill Riley79-80 OPC Dave Hoyda79-80 OPC Jude Drouin79-80 Morris Lukowich79-80 OPC Peter Sullivan79-80 OPC Roland Eriksson79-80 OPC Wayne Dillon80-81 OPC Dave Christian80-81 OPC Jets Team80-81 OPC Jimmy Mann80-81 OPC Jude Droin80-81 OPC Dave Hoyda80-81 OPC Peter Marsh80-81 OPC Pierre Hamel80-81 OPC Ron Wilson80-81 OPC Willy Lindstrom81/82 Post Cereal Winnipeg Jets Team81-82 OPC Dan Geoffrion81-82 OPC Dave Babych81-82 OPC Dave Christian SA81-82 OPC Don Spring81-82 OPC Doug Lecuyer81-82 OPC Norm Dupont81-82 OPC Tim Trimper81-82 OPC Willy Lindstrom81-82 OPC Dave Christian81-82 OPC Dave Hoyda81-82 OPC Glenn Hicks81-82 OPC Jets Team81-82 OPC Lucien DeBlois81-82 OPC Markus Mattsson81-82 OPC Moe Mantha81-82 OPC Morris Lukowich81-82 OPC Pierre Hamel81-82 OPC Rick Bowness81-82 OPC Rick Dudley81-82 OPC Ron Wilson82/83 OPC Bryan Maxwell82/83 OPC Craig Levie82/83 OPC Dale Hawerchuk82/83 OPC Dale Hawerchuk In Action82/83 OPC Dale Hawerchuk Record Breaker82/83 OPC Doug Soetaert82/83 OPC Lucien Deblois82/83 OPC Morris Lukowich82/83 OPC Thomas Steen82/83 OPC Tim Trimper82/83 OPC Tim Watters82/83 OPC Bengt Lundholm82/83 OPC Dale Hawerchuk Leader82/83 OPC Dave Babych82/83 OPC Dave Christian82/83 OPC Davee Babych In Action82/83 OPC Don Spring82/83 OPC Doug Smail82/83 OPC Ed Staniowski82/83 OPC Norm Dupont82/83 OPC Paul Maclean82/83 OPC Serge Savard82/83 OPC Willie Lindstrom83/84 OPC Tim Young83/84 OPC Bengt Lundholm83/84 OPC Brian Mullen83/84 OPC Dale Hawerchuk83/84 OPC Doug Smail83/84 OPC Doug Soetaert83/84 OPC Lucien Deblois Highlight83/84 OPC Lucien Deblois83/84 OPC Morris Lukowich83/84 OPC Murray Eaves83/84 OPC Thomas Steen83/84 OPC Tim Watters83/84 OPC Dale Hawerchuk Leader83/84 OPC Dave Babych83/84 OPC Don Spring83/84 OPC Laurie Boschman83/84 OPC Paul Maclean83/84 OPC Scott Arniel83/84 OPC Wade Campbell83/84 Vachon Brian Hayward83/84 Vachon Jim Kyte83/84 Vachon Bengt Luundholm83/84 Vachon Dale Hawerchuk83/84 Vachon Laurie Boschman83/84 Vachon Lucien Deblois83/84 Vachon Morris Lukowich83/84 Vachon Wade Campbell83/84 Vachon Dave Babych84/85 OPC Dale Hawerchuk84/85 OPC Dave Babych84/85 OPC Jordy Douglas84/85 OPC Laurie Boschman84/85 OPC Paul Maclean Leader84/85 OPC Paul Maclean84/85 OPC Robert Picard84/85 OPC Tim Watters84/85 OPC Andrew Mcbain84/85 OPC Bengt Lundholm84/85 OPC Brian Mullen84/85 OPC Dale Hawerchuk RB84/85 OPC Doug Smail84/85 OPC Morris Lukowich84/85 OPC Perry Turnbull84/85 OPC Randy Carlyle84/85 OPC Thomas Steen84/85 OPC Tim Young84/85 OPC Wade Campbell84/85 OPC Scott Arniel89/90 Winnipeg Jets Season Preview

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