Leftover Bear

Leftover Bear

The title of this blog, as you know is “Winnipeg: Love & Hate” but you may have figured out by now that the majority of my posts represent that which I love about the city. The hate doesn’t come out all that often.

But on this Thursday morning I’ll let it spew forth. I hate the bears. I hate them with a seething passion. I hated them when they were on Broadway, and I hate them now that they’re scattered throughout the city.

It was fantastic seeing people on Broadway day and night when they lined the boulevard a couple of years ago. But look at this photo. Then look again. Do you see the suffering in this bear’s eys?

This is a small town art project; not big city public art. We can do better than this.

No offense to the individual artists. Some of the bears were/are pretty cool. Collectively though, the work is embarrassing.

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