Broadway Avenue (1920).Today, a series from the Legislative Building, from a couple of months ago. Somehow I managed to go my first 33 years–all of them a Winnipegger–without stepping foot inside this building. I’d seen photos, but nothing really prepared me for its magnificence. Definitely one of the grandest interiors in the city.

This particular photo was the source of a wee bit of controversy. In a televised broadcast about the “divine architecture” that went into the planning of this building, an unnamed government broadcasting company used this photo–without permission–as a backdrop during the intro to the story. The only reason I actually found this out was because my sister told me I should watch the broadcast, as it featured a childhood friend of hers (Frank Albo, author of The Hermetic Code).

After some back and forth with the unnamed broadcasting giant, we agreed on a settlement.

Funny. I’ve sold only a few photos, two of which were initially stolen by massive corporations.

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