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Last archives post for a long, long time. These ones are all from 2011-12. From the top: Thunderbird Restaurant (McPhillips Street); Club St. B. (Dumoulin Street); Portage and Donald (during demolitions in preparation for the new Alt Hotel); Albert Hotel/St. Charles Hotel; a warming hut/thingamajig on the Red River; thrift store (Main Street).


Back from a wonderful week in Vancouver. Came home to a blizzard, but hey, such is the life of a Winnipegger.

I’m now way behind in my posting, which means there are lots of winter photos still to come. But for now, I’ve got one last batch of old ones for you. These ones are from 2009. I think. I’ve lost track. They’re either previously unedited or new edits of previously edited ones. Again, I’ve lost track.

From the top: Welcome to the North End (Nepon Auto Body, Salter Street); Chinese Food Delivery Service (McPhillips Street), McGreggor Armoury (McGreggor Street); Merchants Hotel (Selkirk Avenue); Pop Grocery (McGreggor Avenue); the old Queen’s Theatre (Selkirk Avenue); Brooklands Hotel (Keewatin Street); the old Winnipeg Airport (Wellington Avenue); and Viterra (Coulter Avenue).


Roblin Blvd. A neighborhood department store. Talk about an anachronism. I noticed this place for the first time about a year ago; I don’t even know how that’s possible, as I grew up pretty close (on the east side of Assiniboine Forest). But somehow it had always escaped my attention.

And it was only after posting this photo on Twitter that I learned a but more about the store and that it would soon be closing its doors after 60 years in business. In fact, somewhat coincidentally, the store was scheduled to close down only a couple of weeks after this photo was taken.

The rest of the photos in this batch (from what essentially comprises Downtown Charleswood): Robert Lee Martial Arts; the corner of Roblin and Hendon; and Chicken Delight.

  • Barry N

    Twilight Zone ???ReplyCancel

    • Bryan Scott

      Great episode.ReplyCancel

      • Barry

        No, I meant the Twilight Zone nightclub from the 60’s at St.Mary’s & Ellesmere in St Vital. Now a fishing supply storeReplyCancel

        • Bryan Scott

          Ah. Thought you meant the classic Twilight episode with the department store mannequin.ReplyCancel

bay-basement-2bay-basementwestminster-2007vulcan-ironworksabandoned carsfive-rosesst-boniface-post-officemcdermot-alleyteepees

Yup, more old ones from the archives—some previously unedited, and some reedited. From the top: A couple from the basement of the Downtown Bay before Zeller’s moved in (I’m sure the emptiness down there these days is even more…empty); Westminster Avenue in the heart of Wolseley, Vulcan Ironworks, along with some junked cars on the south side of the building; Fire Roses Flour/Ogilve Mills; St. Boniface Post Office; the alley just north of Princess and McDermot; and teepees at The Forks.

  • Barry Newcombe

    My Dad used to work at the downtown Bay store and I recognized those pictures right away. That basement space must be a grave yard now that Zellers pulled out.ReplyCancel

    • Bryan Scott

      Don’t forget—the Target deal essentially forced Zeller’s out. And we all know how that little experiment turned out….ReplyCancel

      • Barry

        They will be studying the failed Target experiment in Canada for years @ business school across the nation.ReplyCancel


Ellice Avenue between Spence and Sherbrook. These were taken on a brutally cold day back in late February. I wouldn’t normally shoot on such a cold day, but I had just gotten my DSLR back from a long stint in the repair shop and I was anxious to get out shooting with it. From the top: A couple of looks at Pawn Traders; Sorrento Pizza and its neighbors; Homer’s Restaurant; Holmes Auto Service/Dominion Transmission; Gelyn’s Wedding Lounge; and a look east from Ellice and Spence.


A bit of a grab bag today, as I try to get somewhat caught up on my postings. From the top: Body Shades on Portage Avenue (it’s worth noting that the blue and white building to the left is now a restaurant, after being occupied for several years as some mysterious private social club); P&P Food Market on McGreggor; and Super Sudzer’s on Main Street.