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I’m loving the new look of the Marlborough Hotel (Smith Street). I had never been a big fan of the modern addition to the building (I’m not sure when this work was done—perhaps some time in the mid- to late-sixties?). But the newly installed lighting and signage features completely turn this place around. A drab building has been turned into a real head-turner, a new piece of eye candy for Smith Street. Final photo shows the original portion of the hotel (built 1913).

Health Sciences Centre


A few shots of some of the buildings on the Health Sciences Centre campus on a dreary late-winter day . I wouldn’t usually shoot on such an unremarkable day, but because of the cold this winter, I jumped at the chance to do some shooting—any shooting—on the days that were even remotely warm. I’d like to get back to the campus when the light is a little nicer, though, as I’m fairly impressed with the Kleysen Institute for Advance Medicine and the Canad Inns Hotel, both on William.

RRC Paterson Global Foods Institute Dining Hall


I somehow missed posting these interior photos of the gorgeous RRC Paterson Global Foods Institute (Main Street, renovations completed 2013), aka Jane’s Restaurant. These photos were taken back in February, 2013.

  • Dave Roberts

    Your work is most appealing. After I enjoy one image there is lttle left for me to do other than jump to the next.

    What was this building in its former life?


  • Bryan Scott

    It was a bank. Gorgeous banking hall on the main floor and offices on the rest of the floors. It sat empty for over 20 years before Red River College stepped in and did the big reno.ReplyCancel