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Health Sciences Centre


A few shots of some of the buildings on the Health Sciences Centre campus on a dreary late-winter day . I wouldn’t usually shoot on such an unremarkable day, but because of the cold this winter, I jumped at the chance to do some shooting—any shooting—on the days that were even remotely warm. I’d like to get back to the campus when the light is a little nicer, though, as I’m fairly impressed with the Kleysen Institute for Advance Medicine and the Canad Inns Hotel, both on William.

South Portage Sunset


Here’s a series of sunset shots from the South Portage portion of Downtown on a warmish day in early February. From the top: A couple of shots looking west down Graham Avenue; the Pyramid Cabaret (Fort Street); Hotel Fort Garry (Broadway Avenue, built 1913); a large apartment building beside the Pyramid; looking west down St. Mary; the new Police Headquarters and former Post Office; 215 Garry (originally Credit Union Plaza, built 1976); and finally, a view of 215 Garry and the Police HQ from Main Street.

Welcome to the New Winnipeg Love Hate

Welcome to the new Winnipeg Love Hate. Now with more love, and more hate.

It’s been a little over six years that I’ve been posting to this site, and I finally felt it was time for a bit of a change. The nuts and bolts of the new site are the same, but things have been freshened up a bit. The old site had gotten a bit cluttered, and so my primary objective with this redesign was to shift the focus to what you’re all here to see—the photos. The photos now occupy more screen real estate than they did before, and instead of a black background, I’ve opted for a white one. The chunky text of the old site has been clean up as well. Again, this is all so that no extraneous elements draw attention away from the photos.

All the links that were formerly in the sidebars are still available, but they’ve now been spread out over a few different pages. You’ll find a few collections of my non-Winnipeg photos in the More Photos section, links to various other Winnipeg-related websites and blogs in the Links section, and information about purchasing prints and books in their respective sections. For now, the only text you’ll find in the sidebar is a list of all the tags I’ve used in the many thousands of photos on this website. Click on the tags (or perform a search) to see related photos.

Some of the comments you’ve left over the years were lost in the transition and reformatting of the old site into the new site, and I apologize for that. I’d love to hear your comments about the new site, though! You can leave them here, or in the Comments section on the About page. I look forward to hearing from you.

For now, here’s a collection of some of my favorite Winnipeg photos from over the years. Thanks for stopping by!