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Some shots from Main Street, roughly between Selkirk and Magnus, on a very quiet morning (the quiet might have had something to do with the date—January 1). From the top: Magnus Foods along side Bird Shop and Aquiariums; Postal Station B; Minute Muffler; Wojick’s Funeral Chapel; Best Care Drycleaners; Cosmopolitan Florists; a seemingly unnamed convenience store; and Canadian Motorcycle Snowmobile Supplies.


Here’s the last batch of previously unseen or reworked photos from the archives for now…unless this lousy weather keeps up.

  • Enjoying this archives-raiding trip. There are some real beauties!! Some of the light/moods are simply wonderful.

    I spent a good portion of my life in the Meyers Drugs and Tawagin area so I’m always tickled to see you shooting stuff from there. The Tawagin Pawn shop use to be a restaurant but can’t recall the name…Lens’ Restaurant or something like that? I like a deal as much as the next Winnipegger but man, I hate seeing pawn shops popping up in neighbourhoods. And I do recall when some unfortunate robber died in that place’s airducts. In the heat of the summer to boot.

    When I was a little kid there was a drugstore directly across the street called Gold’s Corner (the Autopac place now) where they actually had a lunch counter. I have fond memories of the sweet older couple who owned it.ReplyCancel


If you’ve been visiting Winnipeg Love Hate for a while, you might have noticed what has become an annual winter tradition—a raiding of the archives. I seem to find it harder and harder to get out shooting in the winter months, which leaves me short on material to post on Winnipeg Love Hate. When this happens, I reach for one of my many hard drives full of original RAW files, to see if there’s anything worth re-visiting.

This has been a particularly difficult winter as far as shooting goes. For one thing, I’ve got a 6-month old daughter at home (this is most definitely not a complaint—she is an absolute joy). Also, my camera and primary lens sustained a massive amount of damage (which tends to happen when you drop things) a few months ago, and I was without the lens for just under three months. Most of the shooting I’ve done this winter was with my secondary camera—the very capable Sony RX100.

All of the shots here are from 2009. Most of them are previously unedited, whereas a few of them are new edits of previously edited and posted shots. More goodies from the archives to come over the next couple of days.


Wasn’t sure if I was going to post this photo. For one thing, it’s not a particularly good photograph. But more importantly, it’s just too depressing.

Can you guess where it is? Okay, clue number one: It’s on Main Street, in the North End. Clue number two: It used to be a restaurant. Have you figured it out yet? It’s the former C. Kelekis Restaurant, social hub of the North End for decades.

Yeesh. Could there possibly be a more potent symbol of North End decline?

  • Suzanne MacPherson

    Kelekis! It’s so weird that it’s a flower shop/coffin shop (??) now.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    I do not think offering people that are grieving an affordable option should be considered a symbol for North End decline.ReplyCancel

    • Bryan Scott

      You’re being too literal.

      Think about it. This is a space that was once *the* gathering place of the North End, known for its colorful people as much as it was for its delicious food. The meeting place, food and people are gone, having been replaced by caskets. Affordable or not, the symbolism is undeniable.ReplyCancel


Main Street. First we have Pizzaland, which is my go-to pizza delivery place. Pretty decent pizza.

Next we have 1761 Main Street, former home of Lisi’s Ranch House. I never ate there—which I now regret—because it looked like an interesting place. I’m not sure how long it had been around, but any time a North End institution like this closes it’s more than a little sad.

  • Chris Bangs

    My Mom and Dad used to eat at Lisi’s every week in the 80’s and 90′. When she passed away in 1995 my Dad never went back.ReplyCancel

  • Jim

    Sad to see the pictures of the Ranch House and Kelekis as they are now. Don’t know when the Ranch House opened but we used to go there in the 1960’s when I was going to Your.

    I remember Kelekis when they used to sell chips out of the window onto Main St. My memories are back in the 50’s. Last visit I made was about 2009.

    Thanks for the memory pictures.ReplyCancel